DSrupted Is Just Two Sleeps Out – A Thank You To Sponsors

September 14, 2015 by Dave Haynes

dsrupted2015We’re just two sleeps out from DSrupted now, and at least three of my five speakers are hopping on planes tomorrow to get here – as will a pile of people coming from as far away as Phoenix and Atlanta.

We’ve passed last year’s attendance number and, as a result, will have a pretty full house. But we can take a few more, if there are still people out there who didn’t know if they’d be in Toronto and free this week.

Things informally kick off tomorrow night with the Digital Signage Federation’s networking event at a restaurant at Yorkdale, Canada’s ritziest shopping mall. It’s half mixer and half scavenger hunt – the latter a way to enable attendees to see some of the ambitious digital signage installs in that place.

You won’t see me there, as it is nowhere near downtown and I have last-minute preps to do, and out of town speakers to wine, dine and herd.

This event does not happen without the help of sponsors, and DSrupted has five great ones, as well as a terrific host.

This year, the event was backstopped by:

riselogoRise Vision – The Toronto-based but really virtual software firm makes the widely-used open source content management system that goes by the same name. It’s feature-rich yet free – the company making its money through premium enhancements, and content store and its sister company, integrator Rise Display. This is the second year for sponsorship by Rise.

PATTISON Onestop – PATTISON Onestop is the digital pattonestopsignage/place-based media division of PATTISON Outdoor, Canada’s largest privately held outdoor media firm. A sponsor for a second time, PATTISON Onestop builds, manages and sell times on a variety of networks – includingt the very prominent one running on Toronto’s subway platforms.

cineplexlogoCineplex Digital Solutions – The third returning sponsor is Cineplex Digital Solutions, which could be described in a number of ways. They develop strategy, build and fund networks, service other networks, develop content, and on and on. They work with some of Canada’s largest companies, including big banks and property developers. The parent company is Canada’s dominant cinema chain.

NEC Display – If you consider options for high-quality commercial screens for projects, you already know all about NEC and its impressive line of displays, projectors and related gear.

– Christie’s roots are in cinema projectors, and that’s still a big part of the company’s business. But theseCHRISTIE-logodays Christie provides a truly broad spectrum of options for digital canvases – from fine pixel pitch LED and Microtiles to LCD and projection mapping that can be anything from a tiny object to the Empire State Building. The company, in part through its acquisition of Arsenal Media, is now active both in developing ideas and creating content, and media sales.

The host for DSrupted is TELUS, via its lead guy on digital signage, Dave Carbert. Dave and his team were a huge help last year and again this year – providing a great venue, support staff and logistical assistance.

telus_logoIf you are in Canada, you know TELUS is one of the country’s largest telecommunications providers – and like most of these very large companies is active in digital signage projects. TELUS, for example, is a big part of the ambitious SportChek flagship stores that have opened in the last couple of years.

Thanks again to all these sponsors and the host.

DSrupted kicks off Wednesday morning. If you are attending, just  go to the shiny new TELUS HQ building at 25 York Street, right behind Union Station. Go to the 3rd floor, and from the reception desk, we’re off to the left.

If you’ve suddenly seen the light and plan to go, you can register online here. The badges are all long-since done, but our trusty little Dymo label printer will fix you right up!

If you are traveling from out of town, safe journey and we will see you Wednesday!




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