Projects: Rockwell Puts Its Merchandising Screens On Rollers

September 11, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Here’s an interesting digital merchandising set-up I bumped into at my local Canadian Tire store – a big dedicated store within a store zone for the power tool maker Rockwell.

What caught my eye were screens on both sides that were set up on roller tracks, so that they could be pulled left or right to get explanations about different products laid out in front. I assume the set-up uses RFID or some sort of mechanical switch to trigger different content based on the screen’s position. I am guessing the power and signal to the display does up through the metal shaft below the screen.


Interesting approach. I’d tilt more towards just having screens and players at each product station, with play buttons at each (the track set up probably costs as much as extra devices), but this roller set-up has a workshop/mechanical feel that perhaps suits the brand and circumstance.

I’ve no detail on this, but assume this is in other Canadian Tires, and perhaps in DIY stores, as well.



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