Projects: Slovenian Capital Using Visionect’s Smart E-Displays On Transit Stops

September 2, 2015 by Dave Haynes


The Slovenian smart display firm Visionect is working with officials in the capital city, Ljubljana, on sets of street-level bus stop displays that use electronic paper.

Running on Visionect’s hardware and software, the new electronic paper screens show bus schedules, arrival information and potential route changes on four bus stops along Ljubljana’s central district. The value in doing this is perfect readibility even in direct sunlight and minimal power consumption – with the displays only needing power when content is changed. Like an e-book, no power is needed for an image that’s already display.

Along with static bus schedules, the electronic paper displays will also show exact bus arrival times and passenger information – such as notifications about line detours or new routes, city news and updates about different events and nearby tourist information.

The displays also have some unique properties for the disabled and elderly, like font sizes that can be adjusted and links to audio readers on a smartphone, for the visually impaired.

Cool stuff.

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