Projects: Birmingham Gets Its Own Advertising Eyes Of Sauron

August 27, 2015 by Dave Haynes

birmingham eye

The central rail station in one of the UK’s largest cities – Birmingham – is having a trio of giant eye-shaped LED ad boards installed – there to message to passengers and pay their way through advertising contracts.

The redeveloped New Street station will be the first in the UK to feature these sorts of displays, which will be sold by Ocean Outdoor. Some of the eyes, all located over primary entrances, are as wide as 97 feet. The signs have been put together and up by Concept Sign and Display, which is based in Birmingham.


Two eyes are solid LED boards while the third is a curtain/mesh that will let light in, as well … but won’t likely have the same resolution.

Very interesting approach. The big spectacular installations that seem to be popping up these days sometimes ignore any standards around dimension and resolution, which makes them look interesting but necessitates any media produced for them to be original (and therefore introduce more production costs).

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as a combination of interesting shapes and fit-to-purpose creative is probably going to have more impact than a big rectangle running ads people have seen elsewhere.

As was noted by someone on Twitter, the eyes are a little reminiscent of this …




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