Come To DSrupted From The US, It’s Free (Almost)

August 21, 2015 by Dave Haynes

dsrupted2015The mighty Canadian loonie has taken a big tumble in the last year or so, its value tied to oil, gas and mines. As demand slowed, there went the dollar that was bounding around par with the US dollar the last few years.

If you are in America and have been thinking about coming up for DSrupted next month, you should know Americans have major, major buying power up here among the roaming herds of beaver, poutine farms and rivers overflowing in maple syrup.

Effectively, you get a 25% discount on pretty much everything, including our staggeringly powerful (apparently) beer. That also includes airfares, hotels, restaurants, ground transfers and, of course, admission to DSrupted. You get 25% off, by way of currency differences, on a full day of great talks on disruptive technology.

You also get a chance to rub elbows with Hollywood celebrities, as the Toronto International Film Festival is on at the same time. So if you stay in one of the fancy hotels in downtown Toronto, your insanely expensive room will only be ridiculously expensive. I’m actually suggesting people stay out by the airport, as there is now a quick, 1-stop dedicated train to and from the airport that pulls in at Union Station, which is attached to the building where DSrupted is running Sept. 16th.

Toronto traffic is not pretty, so the train makes sense.

Downtown is fun to stay in, but the good hotels get booked out by TIFF. I discovered after settling on a date that TIFF was on that week. It wasn’t last year … grrrr. The DSF-run mixer the night before is NOT downtown, but kinda sorta near the airport – at a restaurant at the ritzy Yorkdale Mall. So staying by the airport is easier, unless you want to take the TTC subway up to Yorkdale from downtown (MANY stops).

September in my city (well, I live 3o miles out, but still …) tends to be lovely. There are still seats, and you can register here … 



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