Marketing: How Show And Tell Beats Read And Interpret


I’m not going to get into the relative merits of the UK software firm Embed Signage‘s latest round of enhancements to its signage platform, because there are way too many CMS apples out there to do apples to apples comparisons on, and as noted in the past, writing about minor, periodic software releases isn’t all that interesting.

In general terms, enhancements are almost always a good thing, and I’m sure Embed’s clients are happy as clams about the new functionality.

What I do know if this video beats the crap out of much of what companies send me and out to the trade press when they release new versions of their platform. Showing what your new bells and whistles do tends to have far more resonance than asking people to read about it and draw their own conclusions.

So … nicely done fellas.

Now, was that more useful than this narrative version?:

  • Improved performance for the Layout Builder, Previews and Device Player
  • Multi content editing – for bulk edit items within a zone
  • Multi zone editing – bulk edit zones within layouts
  • Weather location based on device pin location – device weather source now taken from device map pin location for improved weather accuracy
  • Set a default layout background image and colour
  • Global elements – set zones as Global Elements to appear across multiple pages of a layout
  • Lock zones in layouts – lock zones to avoid further editing once complete
  • Playlist content actions – set a content item to trigger content playback in other zones
  • Edit playlist item names – change the name of any content item within a playlist
  • Duplicate content items – duplicate content items within a playlist
  • Play videos until finished – set video to playback until finished in a playlist
  • Play content infinitely – set any playlist item to play infinitely

Thought so.

Invest the resources to illustrate your capabilities. It’s worth it.