Ontario Lottery Uses Live Digital Signs For $1M Casino Draw

August 13, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation has for many years had a dedicated digital signage team – both tech and creative – running its screen networks across 19 slots and casino sites across the province.

The team work with its longtime software vendor Capital Networks on a very different, very clever twist to casino messaging – a live prize draw focused around the screens.

Executed across all 19 OLG Slots & Casinos, the $1,000,000 Swipe-Stakes was promoted to Winner’s Circle Rewards (loyalty program) members across the sites ,using a series of digital messages that included a countdown to the live grand prize event on July 16th.

For the first time ever, says a news release, the grand prize event and draw was conducted using the OLG digital screens at each venue, where for one night each screen displayed a digital interactive show leading up to the grand prize draws. The 88 qualifiers, who all had previously assigned random numbers, watched the live show with their guests at the OLG sites.

The grand prize winner, Helen Vermeeren, was one of 224,000 loyalty program members who had entered the contest.

“This was an incredibly complex undertaking,” says Michael Tutton, Manager, Digital Signage at OLG. “We needed to be able communicate 88 potential winners across 45 draws – that’s almost 4,000 combinations! This required the production of over 400 videos to ensure each draw result was unique. Our team worked closely with Capital Networks to ensure the content was triggered and distributed, live across the province. Audience (Capital’s software) provided the ability to manage all the locations from one central point which allowed us to use digital signage to give away over a million dollars.”

OLG has being using Capital Networks for more than a decade to drive content across all the sites and some 1,200 screens.


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