Projects: iGotcha Serves Interactive Tennis App For Canadian Bank

August 10, 2015 by Dave Haynes

Interactive Tennis App

Customers at select National Bank of Canada branches are getting a taste of pro tennis this month, through a mobile to digital signage interactive promotion put together by Montreal’s iGotcha Media.

The promo in select branches supports the bank’s sponsor of the Rogers Cup pro tennis tournament that’s on right now in Montreal and Toronto (the men and women switch cities each year).

The concept, says a news release, is simple: Visitors to select branches may use any smartphone to connect and play a tennis game on large digital screens located in reception and behind tellers. Participants may scan a QR code or enter a URL into their web browser, then enter a three-digit personalized code. Using smartphone motion detection, the game allows users to experience a simulated tennis serve. Upon completing the game, users may enter a contest with the chance to win tickets to the Rogers Cup.

“Leveraging motion detection and high-speed connectivity, we are able to replicate the experience of hitting a tennis ball,” says Greg Adelstein, President of iGotcha. “It is a fun way to illustrate the power and potential of such applications. To the best of our knowledge, this is the first time that a major financial institution anywhere in the world has deployed this type of technology. The simplicity of delivering network access via smartphone is incredibly powerful.”

The setup runs through August 16th – the closing day of the 2015 Rogers Cup.

I have my doubts about how many people who come in to do banking will whip out their smartphones and try this, but it’s an interesting bridge between the devices we all carry and big screens in retail and public settings.

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