DSrupted: Why You Should Attend – Reason #5 – Toronto

July 17, 2015 by Dave Haynes

dsrupted2015DSrupted is a conference I am running – all day Sept. 16th in downtown Toronto – focused on the disruptive technology that is or will be changing the way digital signage gets done.

Here’s the 5th post in a week-long series of reasons why – whether you are in or around Toronto, or further afield – you need to register for a seat.

Reason #5 – Toronto

If you have been around the digital signage sector for anytime, you’ll have noticed that Toronto is a hub for this stuff. There are a LOT of companies – of all sizes – active globally, but based in the Greater Toronto Area and out 60-90 minutes south to Kitchener-Waterloo and London.

It’s a great city to visit, particularly in the last days of summer when it’s still warm, the patios are open, and the foliage is still weeks away from starting to turn color and then drop.

If you are a film buff, or a celebrity-hound, DSrupted is on in the midst of the Toronto International Film Festival, which is easily one of the biggest moviefests going … globally. So you might bump into celebs in your hotel, or on the flight.

That said, there’s still piles of hotels and no end of ways to get here. TIFF is big, but pretty concentrated in its footprint.

The really good news for Americans thinking about coming up is that Canadian dollar has kinda tanked because of energy prices. After a few years at parity with Yankee greenbacks, the might loonie is at about 79 cents. So if you are looking at a hotel that says $200/night, someone from the US will effectively get it for about $160/night.

Not bad! Same goes, of course, for DSrupted admission. The countdown clock is on for early-bird registration, so if you want to save $50 on the day, do it very soon.

DSrupted has a great roster of sponsors. The host is TELUS, and event sponsors include NEC Displays, Cineplex Digital Solutions, Pattison OneStop and Christie Digital.



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