DSrupted: Why You Should Attend – Reason #4 – Networking

July 16, 2015 by Dave Haynes

dsrupted2015DSrupted is a conference I am running – all day Sept. 16th in downtown Toronto – focused on the disruptive technology that is or will be changing the way digital signage gets done.

Here’s the 4th post in a week-long series of reasons why – whether you are in or around Toronto, or further afield – you need to register for a seat.

Reason #4 – Networking

DSrupted attracts a great, diverse crowd of end-users, manufacturers, developers and media people. I already have confirmed attendance from as far away as Phoenix. Last year we had people come from the UK.

I also know there were people who came last year with networking on the mind, specifically with Google. Some of what you saw of Google’s presence at DSE a few months ago had its roots in some initial introductions at DSrupted last fall.

The conference is set up to allow lengthy breaks in the hallway to mix and swap cards, and there will also be a mixer the night before in Toronto. Last year, a pile of people also went for drinks after the event.

If you want to meet people like software CEOs and folks from agencies, DSrupted will set you up. We even have a dedicated mobile/web app with a community focused on the event. You can set up meetings ahead of the event, or message people on site that day.

If you buy your seat now, you save $50.



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