DSrupted: Why You Should Attend – Reason #3 – Depth

July 15, 2015 by Dave Haynes

dsrupted2015DSrupted is a conference I am running – all day Sept. 16th in downtown Toronto – focused on the disruptive technology that is or will be changing the way digital signage gets done.

From a Hyatt in Anaheim (oh, the glamour of biz travel), here’s the third post in a week-long series of reasons why – whether you are in or around Toronto, or further afield – you need to register for a seat.

Reason #3 – Depth

I go to a lot of trade shows, sit on a lot of panels and speak at a lot of things. I knocked this out on a plane, heading to a speaking thing.

What I find is that in most cases, whatever time you get to convey your ideas FLIES by. So you can go to a conference and hit a session on something that really interests you, and then watch as after the speakers do their intros, they have maybe 10 minutes to dig into their subject matter.

Trade shows and big conferences serve a lot of interests, including sponsors, in building out an agenda and spreading the mike time and profile around.

DSrupted doesn’t have that problem. The sessions are all 45 minutes, and then another 15 minutes for Q&A. Not “Ok, we’ve got time for a couple of questions …” 15 minutes.

So if you are interested in data-driven content and visualizations, you’re going to get just two speakers and two full hours on the subject.

DSrupted is expressly not a pay to play event, so none of the speakers are there because their companies paid for that right. BUT … by happenstance a couple of the speakers work for event sponsors.

I wanted an Internet of Things expert and spent a lot of time looking for someone who wasn’t going to geek out and leave listeners blinking or bored, and I didn’t want someone who was going to come in and talk about their company’s awesomeness. I saw video of Stephen Eyre from TELUS bringing IoT down to accessible terms, and thought, “This is a guy I can work with …”

Finding someone to talk about the future of displays was equally daunting. While I looked at a few people, ultimately I asked sponsor Christie, because the company pretty much covers the waterfront from projection mapping to LED, and I know the Canadian R&D lab is working on stuff behind the curtains that the marketplace won’t even see for another five years.

James Robinson, the Senior Director of Research and Innovation there, isn’t going to give away secrets, but he’ll have as good a perspective as anyone on where things are going.

And like the others, he’ll talk for an hour.

DSrupted is sponsored by Telus, Rise Vision, NEC, Cineplex Digital Solutions and Pattison OneStop. Tickets are limited, but if you order now you can save $50 off admission.



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