DSrupted: Why You Should Attend – Reason #2

July 14, 2015 by Dave Haynes

dsrupted2015DSrupted is a conference I am running – all day Sept. 16th in downtown Toronto – focused on the disruptive technology that is or will be changing the way digital signage gets done.

Here’s the second post in a week-long series of reasons why – whether you are in or around Toronto, or further afield – you need to register for a seat.

Reason 2: Rethinking Content

Digital signage has for a very long time been thought about as a great medium to extend video and messages to places where they’d have a cause and effect, be that marketing, advertising or communications.

But most of that has been done with the idea of using management platforms to create ordered playlists and then schedule that content by variables like location, time of day or the descriptive attributes of the location.

It has been the whole right message, right place, right time.

The next wave of content and creative will see material that’s generated and served based on real-time data, templates and algorithms. It will be content triggered by what’s going on, and based on the context of the situation. It’s stupid-hot out, so market iced drinks, not hot ones. Traffic is horrible, so suggest people dip into nearby stores and cafes. And so on.

The old way of doing content was following and maybe riffing on existing formulas on how things are done. Brad Parler is going to talk about turning content and creative on its ear, particularly for staid settings like workplaces.

Says Parler: “On a practical level, during my talk at DSrupted we are going to discuss key things that most people can do right now with the technology that they already have. ”

“On a deeper level, I believe that we need to have a shift in the way that we look at content; the way in which it is produced, the reason that we produce it, and who we are producing it for. I believe that the way in which we present our message will determine how deeply that communication is received. There is a Content Revolution taking place right now, I feel that I have fired the first shot; while that first shot has not yet being heard around the world I am looking for others who will join me in this content revolution. Together we can help rid the world of mediocre media.”

Stephen Eyre of TELUS will talk about the ever-expanding Internet of Things ecosystem, and how all those connected things are data sources to shape and BE content.

James Robinson from Christie Digital will talk about the every changing display business, and what it looks like five to 10 years out in terms of the digital canvases we’ll be using to display content.

Each DSrupted speaker gets 45 minutes to talk about their subject area, and there will be plenty of time for Q&A. We have people coming all the way from Denver and Phoenix, so don’t think this is just a Toronto thing.

DSrupted is sponsored by Telus, Rise Vision, NEC, Cineplex Digital Solutions and Pattison OneStop. Tickets are limited, but if you order now you can save $50 off admission.



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