ICX Association Hands Out Its First Excellence Awards

July 2, 2015 by Dave Haynes


I’ve heard some positive reviews coming out of the Interactive Customer Experience Association‘s event in Chicago earlier this week – with loads of end-users and supplier/vendors limited to those that had some tie through sponsorship or awards to the event.

If I read the tweets right, it was sold out.

The ICX Association is the new handle and focus, I suppose, for the association formerly known as the Digital Screenmedia Association. Don’t like the name, don’t like the mightily vague, catch-all handle and overly diverse ecosystem, but certain I won’t lose sleep over it.

The event had an Excellence Awards component to it, and some 14 winners in the categories of digital signage, kiosk and self-service, and mobile were handed out at a ceremony up top of the old Sears Tower.

The awards were judged by a panel of 24 industry experts, which is good, as often industry awards get decided upon by small groups of people who probably don’t have the necessary backgrounds or, worse, have vested interests. Two-dozen judges makes that sort of stuff a wash, you’d think.

The 2015 ICX Association Excellence Awards winners:


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