Liveposter’s Martin Porter Rounds Out Terrific DSrupted Line-up

June 30, 2015 by Dave Haynes

dsrupted2015I’m very pleased to say the line-up is now fully set for DSrupted, which is set for Sept. 16th in Toronto.

We’ve got a great line-up and a big highlight, I suspect, will be a talk by Martin Porter, Senior VP and Group Director for Posterscope, one of the biggest digital OOH agencies out there. I’ve asked him to speak because he’s one of the key guys behind Liveposter, the very interesting initiative that is changing the way brands and their creatives are doing targeted, timely advertising and marketing.

LivePoster is all about data – ingesting and using data from devices, sensors, web services and management platforms to inform, shape and trigger content.

You want to hear state of the art thinking about signage and targeted, real-time messaging, THIS is the company. Among the campaigns these guys have powered just lately:

The Microsoft Cortana campaign across London’s diverse digital networks that used 240+ templates to create as many as 9,640 variations of messages, based on what weather, transport, location and other data was telling the system and the devices driving individual displays.

Very, very clever.

Same for this Pimm’s campaign that sniffed for roaming smartphones in geo-fenced pub environments, mapped that against room capacities, and told people on the street, via digital posters, that there was room at a nearby pub if they wanted to pop in for a drink.

Any agency or interactive creative ought to be eager to learn how data is and will be used to drive hyper-targeted, timely creative.

jamesrobinsonAlong with Porter, we’ll have James Robinson, the Senior Director, Research and Innovation, at Christie Digital Systems, talking about the future of digital displays.

Christie has always been an interesting company, but the last five years have seen the company evolve from projection systems and control room display modules to MicroTiles, LCDs and now a line of varying pixel-pitch Velvet indoor LED modules.

I’ve done work here and there with Christie, and been around its facilities and people. I know that what you see in the marketplace today started in the R&D labs five years and more earlier.

Pay to play is not part of the deal with DSrupted, but given that I felt the future of display was a key DSrupted track, Christie was an easy and obvious resource, because most of its R&D is done just down the highway in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. He will look at everything from projection and object mapping to emerging display tech.

Those guys are on top of sessions already announced:

It will be a great, full day.

If you’ve not registered yet, there’s still time to do so and get an early bird discount. $50 off is nothing to sneeze at.

If you are procrastinating, why? ;-]

You can help me by registering sooner, as knowing the numbers is a big assist in planning stuff like catering – which is not something I live to do.

Here’s the website and it will lead you to where and how to sign up.


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