How to Save Lives With Digital Signage

June 24, 2015 by guest author, Brandon Harp


GUEST POST – Emily Carroll, Prendi

Driving behind big semi-trailers can be intimidating or, for the impatient drivers like myself, frustratingly slow. So when driving down an open two-lane road, what appears to be an empty lane quickly turns into a tempting chance to overtake. It is in these situations that we unfortunately see a high number of road accidents and deaths.

The Argentinian arm of tech guru, Samsung, has showcased their latest innovation, called Safety Truck. The initiative is aimed at preventing head-on collisions from vehicles overtaking trucks. The technology includes a wireless camera mounted on the front of the truck, displaying the road ahead via commercial screens installed on the back.

We have seen trucks with digital signage on the exterior for advertising purposes, but Samsung have taken it one step further. However, could Safety Truck really save lives or, on the contrary, will it cause more accidents? Nevertheless, it’s a great marketing stunt and an exciting look into the future of digital.

Samsung has expressed that this truck is not currently operational, instead it is undergoing further technological development.

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