UK’s Crystal Display Launches See-Through LED Digital Signage Windows

June 12, 2015 by Dave Haynes


UK-based Crystal Display Systems has launched an interesting spin on LED curtain walls – tighter resolution windows that can be cut to any size and used on shops or inside buildings as decorative dividers.

The transparent LED windows are made up of horizontal slats of LEDs that when all lit up can produce decent looking full-motion video displays.

The pixel pitch (tightness of the LEDs and sharpness of the image) vary from 5 to 10 mm, with the tighter ones meaning the window is less transparent. The standard size of the window units is 63 inches diagonal, but CDS says they can do larger custom versions.

The things are rated for 100,000 hours (something like 10 years) of use and have a brightness rated at 6,000 nits, aka tanning booth bright.

See-through LED curtains are not entirely new ideas – sides of buildings are sometimes clad in low rez walls for ads and art – but I’ve not seen this done as higher rez windows.

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