Projects: YCD, Intel, NEC Team Up With Coke On Cinema Offer

June 11, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Companies like Christie and Barco have business units and focused efforts going after the cinema lobby business, as do  a few software companies, but a consortium is getting help from Coca-Cola to market its blended solution.

The global soda brand is working with YCD Multimedia, NEC, Intel and Littlebit Technology on what a signage and experiential offer looks like for cinema operators. It comes in the form of a Coca-Cola lounge at CineEurope 2015 in Barcelona in a couple of weeks. They did a similar lounge a year ago.

Says a press release:

As the main sponsor for this year’s CineEurope show, Coca-Cola once again wanted to impress audiences by showcasing a new theme for the lounge. A focus for cinema owners on the value digital signage adds not only to the overall guest experience, but also to revenues will be present in each area.

“Creating an immersive environment for guests to be wowed is only part of the solution we provide. Cinema owners and operators want to use digital signage to drive increased revenue in the concessions area or encourage movie goers to join a loyalty program for example”, said Lou Carulli Marketing Manager for YCD Multimedia. “Owners want and need to correlate the impact a solution has to their business” he added.

Box office ticketing, concessions, future film promotions, wayfinding and interactive solutions will all be showcased within the lounge to provide a true to life movie going experience. On the backend, content will be presented in each area and can be linked together to integrate with ERP/POS systems for added operational and business benefit.


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