Samsung Shows Pair Of Slick Transparent OLED Displays At Asia Retail Show

June 10, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Samsung is at Retail Asia Expo in Hong Kong this week, and happily showing off a pair of new OLED displays aimed at signage applications.

The more impressive of the two is a mirror OLED display panel that has a greater than 75% reflectance level, which Samsung says is at least 50 percent better reflectance than competitive mirror LCD displays out there. I could look high and low for a technical explanation of reflectance, but the quick and dirty version is it looks brighter and better.

The display also has a much wider color gamut, very high contrast ratios and better response times than LCD transparent panels. In addition, says Samsung, the new mirror display technology does not need the ambient backlight for displaying on-screen images that LCD technology requires.

Samsung is suggesting this new display tech is particularly well suited to applications like interactive dressing room mirrors. The electronics giant is also showing a transparent display that again doesn’t need the back or edge-lighting you normally see with transparent LCD displays.

Perhaps we’ll see some of this tech next week at InfoComm? Planar was showing transparent OLED at DSE back in March.


You can read the full press release here ….


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