How Live Data Delivers 9,640 Different Digital OOH Ad Messages


Live data and web services are starting to demonstrate the long-discussed possibilities for hyperlocal digital display screens, with a great example of that being a marketing campaign now running in the UK and built around Microsoft’s Cortana – the Windows phone version of Siri or Google Now.

The agencies behind the campaign created 241 distinct master content templates for digital posters and LED boards, and live data mined from various feeds makes 9,640 different variants of those posters possible.

The campaign is up through the middle of this month on 15 different formats and nine different media owner screens.

Schedules and content are optimized for each screen location, based on:

  • Live date
  • Live time
  • Location-based copy and photography
  • Reminders for upcoming local events
  • Reminder scenarios based on environment and real-time audience data
  • People reminder (incoming calls) scenarios
  • Live weather data at poster site: today / tomorrow / this weekend’s forecast
  • Live countdowns to national cultural events taking place during the campaign

The campaign is also using live transport data.


Liveposter, which is delivering the  program along with Dentsu Aegis and m:united, says:

To bring Cortana’s intelligent capabilities to life, Microsoft proprietary data services are being used in combination with real-time audience data and data sets specific to each screen and environment to generate constantly-updating, helpful, light hearted and thought-provoking creative content.

Very nice. You will see more and more of this, because it’s an efficient way to create unique content and because we’re going to see a lot more data coming available via Internet of Things devices.

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  1. I like it..

    To bad can’t say its our technology but can say we can do the same and already doing so in a variety of different locations / ways already. Our events API and condition logic allows you to use any combination of Remote API call or remote data source with options based on location to trigger different content in realtime.

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