Why I’m Going To InfoComm: Jim Nista, Insteo

May 29, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Here’s Insteo founder Jim Nista writing about why he’s getting on a long, and I bet not direct, flight from Long Beach to Orlando for InfoComm this year:

1 – How many years have you been going to InfoComm?

5 years now.

2 – What are you looking for when you go?

It’s a networking show for Insteo. We get a chance to meet with integration partners and resellers of our content creative solutions. That said, it’s also a great chance to learn about hardware, primarily displays and projection technologies. The “grand format” in some of the booths of the largest manufacturers provides real project inspiration. In addition, some of the exhibitors are our clients – Insteo produces custom content for several exhibitors.

3 – Do you just walk the floor or do you hit any education sessions?

I walk the floor mainly and have presented at the Digital Signage Summit and on-floor educational sessions for the last several years.

4 – What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in the industry, and where do you see things going?

The biggest challenges remain two-fold – a lot of flinging around of buzz-slogans like “content-is-king” without actually understanding what that means, along with projects that are technology driven instead of experience driven. As the industry matures, we’re seeing projects focused on client goals and visitor experience first, to deliver solutions that allow the technology to provide the supporting role it should.

5 – Do you prefer Orlando or Vegas?

Hey everyone, let’s grab dinner at the “International House of Spaghetti and Cheesecake Factory and Pirate Dinner Show” on I-Drive!  I’ll always take Vegas – despite the outdated convention center itself, it’s a better convention town for so many reasons.

Me: Jim doesn’t mention that he’s also guiding the signage solutions conference running through the week.

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