Third Of Print Firms Globally Plan Digital Signage Solutions Within Year: Survey

May 22, 2015 by Dave Haynes

Some digital signage people I know have suggested the traditional print industry will never get into the digital signage industry because it’s just too different for them.

I’ve disagreed, and I’ve not only seen digital signage guys like Tom McGowan go work for printing companies (ColorEdge) but also done advisory work myself for a big firm. It is indeed a different business, but the clients of these firms, big and small, are still looking for visual solutions and this is just a different format that has its own characteristics.

A new study released by the Federation of European Screen Printers Associationsfespalogo suggests the print sign industry is anything but clueless about the evolution of their industry from static to digital. The Fespa Print Census for 2015 found roughly 3 of 4 people print people who responded live media and LCD screen advertising to impact the wide-format business in the foreseeable future, with 36% of respondents stating that these technologies are already impacting the business.  31% of those surveyed plan to offer digital signage solutions to their customer base in the next 12 months.

The survey, says Fespa, was done with more than 1,200 respondents worldwide, 50% of respondents from the Americas, 42% from Europe and 8% from Asia-Pacific region. The respondents represented the full spectrum of print businesses, including screen and digital printers (34%); commercial, quick printers and reprographic shops (15%); sign makers (13%); graphic designers (7%); advertising agencies (5%); and others.

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