German Digital OOH Campaign Aims At Women; Tells Men To Move On

May 21, 2015 by Dave Haynes


The whole serve an ad based on gender and age range things has never really caught on in digital OOH or retail, but here’s an example of something I think actually works because the gender piece is front and center, and it’s meant to be funny and engaging.

It’s a digital poster campaign for a German brewer, and the campaign is built around trying to market to women, and telling men who stop to have a look to move on. The poster has a camera that provides a feed to a computer that does face pattern detection and, based on machine learning, determines if the face pattern is more likely male or female, and gives a rough age range.

The big difference between this and earlier stabs at gender-based ad serving is that this has some 70 goofy video clips and is meant to be entertaining, versus the pretty pedestrian stuff that has just suggested serving different product promos and layouts based on whether a male or female strays in front of the camera.

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