When Even The Basics Get Missed …

May 21, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Spotted this digital sign in the lobby of Toronto’s Delta Chelsea hotel last night, and groaned.

It’s bad enough the design tries to shovel no end of print material into three zones on the screen. What made me crazy looking at this was the most basic thing: the image files don’t fit the resolutions of the zones they are dropped into.

So there is way too much text for anyone to read (remember attention spans are short and getting worse), and most of it can’t be read because of the distortion from stretched and mismatched resolutions.

If you are going to spend money on the panel, mount and labor, at least then walk over to the display, look at it, and then ask someone (maybe whoever sold you the system) why the images and text look like crap. Also, ask yourself if this is the rational approach to event and partner marketing.

This is actually decent material to work with, if the food truck thing was full screen with just the title, location and brand partner, and if the dance party was also made full screen. There’s something that could be done with that entertainment partner thing on the left, like a big statement and cycling through the logos, but shoveling that print piece on a screen makes absolutely no sense.

Kooky … and waaaay too commonplace.


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