Pattison Onestop Rolls Out New Big Screen To Mobile Service

May 19, 2015 by Dave Haynes


The Canadian digital OOH media company PATTISON Onestop has launched a new mobile-enabled advertising service called Engage, which mashes up NFC, SMS and QR codes as mechanisms to bridge big digital posters and the smartphones carried by most consumers.

With Engage, says the company in a news release, marketers will be able to create more relevant and personalized offers, and provide consumers immediate access to a variety of rich-media content such as video and gamification, social content and incentivized opportunities like couponing. Whether it’s a simple text message or the use of QR- or NFC-enabled smartphone, Engage will connect consumers to incredible marketing opportunities.

“Onestop is extremely excited to officially announce the launch of Engage, our new mobile engagement technology that will provide marketers the ability to adopt a more targeted and personalized approach to advertising,” says Cam Milne, Vice President and General Manager of PATTISON Onestop. “We are incredibly proud to bring this innovative product to market, and we feel confident that it will create new opportunities for our many marketing partners across our network of digital products. Engage is an incredibly intuitive platform and a competitive edge for marketers to enhance consumer engagement that will allow end-users to immediately connect with campaigns with their smartphones. And it’s a platform capable of supporting high volumes of NFC, QR and SMS campaigns.”

Engage will also deliver real-time web-based data and reporting to marketers to help them monitor and evaluate the performance of their campaigns.

The platform, which uses technology from the UK firm zappit, is available on digital and static posters, as well as video walls, in Toronto’s PATH system – a 30-kilometre underground city filled with shops and services. The company then plans to roll out tech in Onestop’s Digital Mall Network at 22 shopping malls.

Zaooit is into beacons, as well, so I’d expect that might be on the roadmap. The PATH system, in particular, is a maze, and beacons would help navigation.

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