Samsung, Google, Hypersign Team On Education Bundle

May 7, 2015 by Dave Haynes

This seems slightly odd.

Samsung has put a huge amount of effort and resources into marketing the features and benefits of its Smart Signage platform, but has joined a collaborative program that is built around an external device that negates the need for the smarts in the sign.

educationScreenIt’s a collaboration with Google  and the CMS company Hypersign that  is aimed at the K-12 education market, and involves a bundle that “enables students and staff to receive a wide range of content — such as standard school broadcasts and timely alerts for emergency preparedness — on digital signage and desktop PCs.”

The platform involves Hypersign’s software, which runs on Samsung smart signs and Chromeboxes, Google’s Chrome devices and management, and the Samsung Smart Signage displays.

The partnership is referred to as the “connectedu” and will focus on improving communications between school administration, students and other stakeholders using easy-to-use tools and best-in-class products.

The bundle will be marketed through some 250 IT and AV resellers in the U.S.

By using a Chromebox, running its device management and Hypersign’s software, there is no real need for a smart sign to be smart. Then again, I guess you could argue the Samsung team is totally at peace with that, as long as units are moving.

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