Something New: Enclosures That Don’t Look Industrial

April 28, 2015 by Dave Haynes



The companies out there that do LCD panel enclosures for advertising and retail generally do a great job with the important engineering bits like heating and cooling, and durability in the face of an ever abusive general public.

Where they don’t tend to excel is design. They tend to look like squared-off steel slabs. Durable, but about as sexy as vending machines.

So I was intrigued to get pix from the Atlanta firm media mea for a couple of new products called the MEDi and METi, a totem and a touch table that actually build in design considerations and wouldn’t like somebody left  industrial components behind in the middle of a high fashion area.

Both have 47-inch displays, use Gorilla Glass and can be branded and colors switched out.


No idea on price.



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