DOOHgood: Nepal Earthquake Spots For Canada, US


The devastating earthquake that shook Kathmandu and Nepal on Saturday is one of those major events that gets the world noticing and looking to help.

So we’re spooling up DOOHgood, the ad hoc volunteer group that produces and distributes video PSAs for use on ad-based and private digital signage networks. We’ll have the site up to date early next week, and will hopefully start seeing some spots come in from creative teams that want to play a part.

Ahead of that, here are three spots – two for US and one for Canada – that can be used in the interim, if you just want to get something up on screens. These were pulled together quickly using Spotomate (that’s really not a plug). They’re 720P and slightly longer than normal 30s because that’s the running time on the templates that were suitable.

There are download options below each of the videos if you look them up here:

Why the Red Cross? Yes there are many, many worthy agencies. We push the Red Cross for the purposes of standardization. It’s everywhere.

If you can run these spots, great. If you want to contribute creative, also great. We need something for French Canada, and Hispanic would also be good for the US. If you develop something for another country, I will promote it here and via DOOHgood.





Dave Haynes

Dave Haynes

Editor/Founder at Sixteen:Nine
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