DSrupted: Microsoft Envisioneer Mike Pell To Talk Data Visualization

April 22, 2015 by Dave Haynes

MikePellTwo of five speakers are now set for DSrupted and another two are getting sorted.

These first two are going to be great, and today let’s look at Mike Pell, who will talk about Data Visualization. If you don’t know what that is, you should, and Mike’s the guy to tell you in September in Toronto.

Pell is a Senior Designer  and Envisioneer with Microsoft, and based in the tech giant’s head office city of Seattle.

Here’s his mini-bio:

Mike Pell is the Senior Designer driving the design vision, strategy, and execution for The Microsoft Garage. Bold, insightful and uncompromising, Mike has been designing and coding breakthrough products used by millions over the last thirteen years at Microsoft.

A thirty year veteran of the software industry, Mike has worked in tiny startups and large corporations alike, where he thrives on the ever-changing nature of hack culture and continuous opportunities to learn by doing. His current work focuses on dynamic information design, which relies heavily on radical simplification and next gen experiences.

I approached Mike because I’ve watched his presentations on data visualization and loved his practical point of view, which implores designers to generate work that is beautifully clear, as opposed to clearly beautiful. I have seen many, many visualized data pieces that look amazing, but were not very helpful in terms of explaining what the data represented.

Data viz will be disruptive in digital signage because it will enable network operators to set up screens and video walls that steadily refresh their presentations, using HTML5, to show things like live activity and trending.

Here’s a talk Mike did last year.

You can sign up for DSrupted now, and save $50 with early bird pricing. The event is Sept. 16th in Toronto.

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