Projects: Screens Are Focal Points In Ontario Lottery’s Reworked Mall Kiosks

April 15, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Ontario Lottery generates about $130 million annually by selling lottery ticket products at some 130 kiosks plopped into the concourses of shopping malls around the province.

About six months ago, the provincial corporation started running a pilot program that spruced up the look of the kiosks and made digital display the centrepieces, running content generated by OLG’s content team and using Capital Network’s content management system. Capital drives about 1,200 screens around the OLG system.

I saw one of these a couple of weeks ago at a mall, and quite liked the tidy design and screens as focal points.

Says a news release today:

A year in the making, the new kiosks had to meet accessibility requirements and be modern with full digital integration. The latter includes both giant, attention-getting screens to build awareness as consumers approach while shopping, and iPads that help players – especially infrequent and new players – learn how to play and how to check tickets.

It’s too early to know how the new kiosks have performed from a revenue perspective, but certainly from a consumer awareness and retailer perspective, they are a hit. “Consumers love the new look and feel and the integration of digital,” says OLG’s Executive Director of Sales Larry Colatosti.

He was amazed at the attention the kiosks were getting when he spent some time observing them in action. “The retailers are really enjoying it too – this new kiosk will enable them to ultimately satisfy more consumers and drive top-line revenue and their commissions.” He added that other DLRs are already asking how they can get one. 

“We worked with Capital Networks and OLG IT in support of the Lottery division’s vision for a better point of sale experience,” says Michael Tutton, who has for many years run OLG’s Digital Signage  department. “Capital Networks, as always, was very supportive, providing us with not only technical support but industry insights. Capital brought their experience to the very first meetings, making suggestions to improve the project allowing OLG to move the project forward with confidence and speed.”


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