Projects: Spaulding Boston Inspire Patients, Families Using Digital Signage

April 10, 2015 by Dave Haynes



Spaulding Boston rehab hospital opened new digs on that city’s waterfront about two years ago, and the facility is full of different video wall configurations all built around driving the hospital brand and inspiring patients and families going through the recovery process from injuries and illnesses.

There are 18 different digital media display walls strategically placed around the facility, from a dramatic 1 by 6 horizontal display strip behind the main floor reception, to smaller arrays in secondary areas. In all, there are 51 46-inch LCD displays.

Programming is focused on uplifting stories of renewal: A young girl who almost drowned, now back dancing ballet; the victim of a brutal accident back tossing footballs, using his one intact limb.

Sometimes, media elements occupy individual panels in a larger display wall. Other times, custom media pieces cascade content across the breadth of displays – like a swimmer doing laps in the therapy pool.

It’s a nice-looking mix, and I really like how the set-up goes wide instead of just putting a bunch of displays together to make a bigger rectangle. I also like the content, which doesn’t appear to take the lazy route of running syndicated feeds and instead has a lot of original work – some of it bordering on video art.

The set-up went in through a company called Aceso, which works in the hospital communications sector, and uses ComQi’s EnGage CMS.

Here’s a link to the white paper about the project …

  1. Interesting and the screens alone are form of art!

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