DSrupted 2015 Site Live, Tickets On Sale

April 6, 2015 by Dave Haynes



The DSrupted 2015 website is now live, the agenda is out and ticketing is live for the event, Sept. 16th in Toronto.

We’re pulling together our speakers and already have commitments from a couple of really, really good ones.

Microsoft’s Mike Pell will talk about data visualization. He’s a Senior Designer in the Cloud + Enterprise division of Microsoft, focused on bringing clarity to the extreme scale and complexity of modern datacenter management. You can get a sense of his style and what he’ll have to say from this speech at a visualization conference last year.

Thrilled to have him.

Brad Parler will relate how he re-imagined corporate communications content at Blinds.com, and how what he learned applies to any digital sign network. I had a couple of proper pints with Brad at DSE and realized he’s be a great person to come in and relate how he looked at how digital signage was traditionally being done, and said, “Naaaaa.”

Instead, he did this:

We’re also firming up our three other feature speakers, and looking at topics like analytics, IoT, emerging display technologies and Google Chrome.

Register early and save $50! 

Last year’s inaugural DSrupted was very well-received. You can get a taste of the event on this video:


Anyone who wants to really understand how emerging technologies are reshaping the way digital signage is planned, developed and delivered. Our presenters will talk less about how technologies work, and much more about what they mean and how they’re being applied today and going forward.

Typical DSrupted attendee profiles:

– CEOs, COOs and CTOs

– Sales and Business Development Executives

– Digital VCs/Investors

– Content Developers and Agencies

– Technology Vendors

– Start-Up Executives

There’s room for about 150 and we’re at the same great venue we were at last year. You can click here to learn more and to register. Remember: seats are going to be limited, and you’ll save $50 by booking early.

As for sponsors, Telus, Rise Vision, Cineplex, Pattison OneStop are already back for more, joined by NEC. There are two remaining sponsor slots and I have companies noodling the idea. So if you want to be a sponsor, I need to know soonest. Email me at dave at vertical-media.ca


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