TigerLogic Debuts Postano User-Gen Chrome App For Retail

April 2, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Portland, Oregon-based TigerLogic has developed and released a user-generated content application for kiosks that jumps on the rather abrupt explosion of development and interest in Google’s low-cost Chrome platform.

The company’s interactive brand is Postano, and Postano Kiosk is now an app that can be downloaded from the Google Chrome web store. It’s designed for integrating user-generated content into retail, allow operators to “manage and showcase user-generated content from single store activations to rollouts across thousands of locations.”

Says a news release:

The Postano Kiosk app enhances Google’s Chromebox offering by showcasing social media content to retailers’ digital signage and kiosk solutions with the style and polish only Postano can deliver. The Postano digital signage offerings work with content from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google+, YouTube, Vimeo, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many other social networks.

The Postano Platform enables brands to curate the best social content and provides options for brands and retailers to request individual permission from fans on social networks to display their content in the store setting. With Postano, businesses can aggregate and display user-generated content using styled visualizations and displays to match the branding of their environment, in order to further drive brand recognition and fan loyalty.



Postano’s unique formatting technology autoscales the content to fit the display for perfect full screen horizontal or vertical layouts while incorporating key style guide elements of the brand creating a premium visual experience.

“This offering is an innovative step into the future of retail, bringing the power of user-generated content to digital signage,” said Justin Garrity, president at TigerLogic. “With Postano Kiosk, brands are able to activate consumers with the power of the very best authentic fan content. This truly paves a whole new way to activate customer interactions ultimately changing the in-store experience.”

TigerLogic suggests the kiosk app will work across the various boxes now on the market, and the HDMI sticks and tablets that will also be on the market by summer.

This is a clever move. It leverages the marketplace buzz, first. But perhaps more to the point, there is a subset of the user base out there that just wants a special purpose application to do this sort of thing, and doesn’t want or need all the capabilities of a full CMS. An interactive agency working with a brand might be happy as clams to find something that’s somewhat or totally built for a client’s needs.



  1. Wayne Rasor says:

    While this seems really cool, how do they filter the content from social networks such as Tumblr, Twitter and Pinterest? Without human moderation, which can be very costly, this could be very dangerous. Just my $.02.

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