Sweden’s DISE Adds Support for Samsung SSP

April 2, 2015 by Dave Haynes

diseThe Swedish software firm DISE is the latest to tweak its player software to run on Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform, which is built and marketed around the idea of having a System on Chip built into displays, removing the need for an external player.

“You only need a network, a code and then you are ready to display your content,” explains the firm in a news release.

The customer has the choice to either run the system as rental subscription (SaaS) or as a self-owned installation on a server. All you need is an internet connection, DISE Composer and DISE Cloud.

SSSP is included in DISE new product package called “DISE Xpress.” This package will also include Android-based hardware’s and is supported with DISE Composer for those who wants higher freedom and add their own unique templates and content, tickers and other file formats.

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