Project: The End Is Nigh … Oh, Wait, No, It’s a A Cookie

March 31, 2015 by Dave Haynes


This was clever. When a partial solar eclipse was visible last Friday over the UK, the OOH agencies Talon and Grand Visual ran two hours of creative matching the trajectory of the event, but using an Oreo cookie to take the place of the moon.

“We often talk about how data can improve the targeting of OOH campaigns,” Richard Simkins, Innovations Director at Talon, explained. “With #OreoEclipse we used astronomical data to build a wonderfully simple campaign only matched by the wonder of the solar eclipse itself.  We have created a domination opportunity on multiple Digital Out of Home screens for the duration of the entire eclipse. This has created a unique opportunity for Oreo to entertain people with a wonderfully creative ad, delivered in real-time, that was literally out of this world.”

The Oreo eclipse was seen in real time on a pair of Digital OOH screens in London and one in Edinburgh.

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