Projects: Massive Curved Displays At Minneapolis Convention Center

March 30, 2015 by Dave Haynes


The Minneapolis Convention Center now markets to visitors using a pair of massive 5mm pixel pitch LED NanoLumens that curve around bulkheads at the facility.

Installed late last fall, the NanoCurve displays cover an area 5 feet high by 90 feet wide. They were put in by Minneapolis-based Tierney Brothers Integration.

The displays were schemed into the convention center’s new Visitor Information Center as both a messaging tool and new source of advertising revenue. The wraparound display runs paid ad spots, as well as visitor information, upcoming event details and more.

This video goes on about 3X too long (my advice – confirm you’re happy and you all liked working together, and move on) but it does show this nice install in action as well as some of the behind the scenes work involved putting it together.

  1. Jeremy Gavin says:

    Just want to give a shout out to Tierney Brothers, another Minnesota company doing great work in digital signage. These guys have done a lot of work throughout our area for a really long time and are made up of very smart people. Keep up the good work.

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