Armodilo Rethinks Retail Tablet Enclosures

March 26, 2015 by Dave Haynes



Tablet stand and enclosure manufacturer Armodilo Display Solutions will be rolling a slick new wall-mounted enclosure for tablets this spring that pretty dramatically rethinks the idea of sticking an iPad or other tab in a protective frame.

The new set-up, called LITE, is based on Armodilo’s AURA kiosk design. It shifts the set-up to a wall-mountable solution for aimed at retail, hospitality, healthcare or pretty much anywhere a small footprint wall-mountable interactive kiosk is required.

LITE uses an LED-backlit graphic panel, which integrates a tablet for touch interactivity. The units are made of aluminum, which provides strength and durability without a lot of weight.

“We designed LITE to provide our clients a wall-mounted interactive tablet enclosure that’s completely brandable, updatable and eye-catching,” says Iles Guran, founder and president of Armodilo. “LITE’s design, like the rest of our product line is polished, streamlined and minimalistic. We want our products to enhance the environments they’re placed into and blend as seamlessly as possible. Lite provides this type of integration since most of the real estate of the kiosk is 100 percent customizable and adaptable.”

I like. Presumably, that customization means the flat face of these units could be printed graphics, brand-specific colors and finishes or pretty much whatever a designer cooks up.

Armodilo, a 16:9 advertiser (Go Team!), is based up the road from me in Elmira, Ontario, just north of the Canadian high-tech hub of Kitchener-Waterloo.

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