DSE2015: LED Walls Are Now A Thing

March 12, 2015 by Dave Haynes


Tight pixel pitch LED video walls, built for indoor use, have been showing up at trade shows like the big sign and broadcast shows for at least a couple of years. But Nanolumens has for several years been the only well-known company showing indoor product.

That’s changing.

Last month at ISE in Europe Samsung showed an indoor LED display, and then just announced it has bought Yesco, which does LEDs. Christie has its Velvet displays.

A couple of other vendors are this week, at DSE, show huge video walls with super-tight sub-2 mm pixel pitch walls.


Aoto, from Shenzhen in China, is showing a vast wall with a 1.29 mm pixel pitch. What means is it looks good even up close, whereas as most LED walls are designed to see from a distance. It was impressive, but look closely at the content and you see it shimmers.

I didn’t get a price, as they were busy talking it up.

Planar showed a vast 20 by 6 foot LED wall, as well, and the picture was much more solid, and gorgeous. The display blocks are smaller 4 by 3 tiles and come out from the wall less than 4 inches, and are front-serviceable. There are three versions, the tightest being 1.6.

Specialty displays don’t come with commodity pricing, and that’s at play here. The wall I saw had a price of $520,000. Almost certainly, that will come, as is the case with most emerging display tech. But you’re not putting this up in your home.

The attraction is high brightness, no seams, and the ability to build displays in interesting shapes. They will resolve out to a 16:9 shape if you need, but they can also be whatever oddball jumble a designer imagines.

  1. I agree Dave. This new LED tech (I saw 0.79 mm pitch at ISE – it’s mind-blowing) instantly makes all video walls with bezels look like crap.

    There’s still a big price gap. From what I gathered, it’s in the range of 10-15K per square meter.

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