Biggest, Best Preset Mixer Yet

March 11, 2015 by Dave Haynes

mixer 2015

We had about 340 people  out last night to the 6th annual Preset Group DSE Mixer at the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas.

That’s the biggest crowd ever. We had people hanging out in the lobby, ahead of the event. And we had people who stuck around well after. We had start-ups. We had Google.

There are always things I learn about what works and doesn’t, but I had a good sense things were going well when at least three companies asked me if I needed any additional sponsors next year, because they wanted in.

The one thing that did not come off was photos. I hired a professional photographer to come down for 90 minutes and shoot some candid stuff in the mob around the bar and on the patio. And she didn’t show up. In the mayhem of the night, I only realized that as we were winding down. No call. No email.

So I have precious few photos from the event. This is one I grabbed from a tweet from Sandi Stambaugh at SYNNEX, one of our sponsors. If you have pix on your phone you can share, please send them to me: dave at

We did get a pile of photos via a selfie kiosk set up by Vince Mitchell at Pacific Digital, and I will get a link to them this week.

The 2016 event is already kinda sorta in the works, as I have a deposit down on the same venue and will likely relax the crowd limits so we don’t have to worry about a hard cap on numbers, and managing a wait list.

Thanks so much to the sponsors, and to the event team, which included my wife Joy, Tina Williams and Preset’s Melinda Ayala. And thanks to biz partner Pat Hellberg, who was the rough-looking bouncer at the entry, and whipped out the company card for the traditional post-event meal and gargling of wine.




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