DSE 2015 Booth Field Guide: IAdea

March 10, 2015 by Dave Haynes


John Wang, IAdea

Booth 333

Why do people going to DSE need to put your company on their Must-See list of booths?

IAdea is all about making industrial-strength Android-based devices for 24×7 digital signage use. In 2014, research firm IHS named us the 4th largest digital signage player company and #1 shipping Android. We provide media players and all-in-one digital signboards that have been certified by most leading CMS vendors and deployed in some of our industry’s largest projects.

What’s your big marketing message to attendees, and what’s it all about?

iadea-logo-sqOn our DSE stand #333 we will be showing:

1. The new high-performance XMP-6200 media player just certified by Scala as their best-performing certified player device, capable of doing smooth full-HD real-time transition between media items and live text-on-video overlay with live animations (see https://docs.scala.com/display/P1005/KitKat+(4.4)+Version+Players);

2. The new XDS-1078 10-inch digital signboard based on IPS display and designed for conference room door signs, with color-coding side-facing light bars to reveal room availability visible from a distance;

3. The 5-inch XDS-0548 signboard targeting “fact tag” application for mobile phone stores. Market demand there is huge;

4. Bar-type (stretch) displays with built-in high performance Android engine;

5. Retail shelf-edge lift-and-compare application using IAdea’s general-purpose I/O module PIO-101, working with all IAdea players;

6. 21.5-inch XDS-2170 with brilliant IPS display and full-flat tempered glass shield for protection and easy cleaning, again with playback engine built-in;

7. Various display options available in open-frame configuration for industrial-strength installation.

Also on Intel’s DSE stand #813, we are joining Intel to announce the availability of “Antomata(TM),” IAdea’s “hardened” version of Google’s Android operating system and the secret sauce in making IAdea’s line of robust Android digital signage devices, now supporting Intel’s EL-10 reference platform. We take advantage of Intel’s superior CPU power to enable “Responsive Signage,” or self-learning digital signage that picks relevant content for the viewers based on their shopping trail in a retail setting. This solution is being deployed for a very large global retailer.

What’s the ideal profile of attendees walking into your booth?

IAdea is the perfect partner for retail-focused integrators looking to grow into the rapidly expanding Android-based player market. We have devleoped a special edition of Google’s Android operating system that locks down the desktop and hardens its infrastructure (especially flash memory and file system) so it is safe and reliable for public deployment.

Software vendors will find IAdea a perfect partner to grow market penetration with. IAdea sells to over 50 countries worldwide and actively look for regional partners serving specific vertical markets.

How many years have you been doing DSE and how has it changed (if you think it has changed?) over the years?

Though IAdea has been around since year 2000, this is our debut show at DSE. We do not have a huge booth but plan to make it a great one.

Any advice for first-time attendees?

DSE is where a lot of new technology being introduced. So come with an open mind and learn about all the new tools that will be available to make your deployment truly unique.

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