Why Update A MenuBoard Digitally When You Have Duct Tape Handy?

February 20, 2015 by Dave Haynes



This is just all kinds of awesome – as relayed by a regular reader.

It’s a digital display used by a BBQ/pulled pork food concession at the big international auto show in Toronto.

It appears the concession went out of stock on an item, and in the absence of having the tools or even knowing how to update this butt-ugly template, the operator just grabbed some duct tape and used it right on the screen to block out the item.


More evidence Canadians are sophisticated as hell. And inventive.

  1. Jeff Dumo says:

    Not sure where you find this stuff Dave–but I love it! Perhaps this is due to the size of the restaurant chain? I was speaking to a store manager as a national bagel brand where one of his digital displays was experiencing similar challenges. He noted that “it takes forever to get corporate to respond out here (paraphrased).” Curious if this chain faces similar challenges? Either way, it’s a operational workflow sin!

  2. Mark Radford says:

    Did you guys run into any of the interactive technology at the show? Lexus, Volkswagen, and or Audi had some awesome stuff. I am hoping Dave you post a small briefing of the Toronto Autoshow. I saw alot of great tech from touch tables to touch car spec stands… Love to hear your thoughts on it.

  3. HAHAHA Hilarious.. We all know how making a change on a display like this should take no time whatsoever! ..but end users don’t and that means opportunity!

  4. Lark Ireri says:

    Just Hilarious..and Canadian

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