Post Number 4,000 (And Still Counting)

February 20, 2015 by Dave Haynes


It is perhaps fitting that a major milestone for this blog comes in the immediate wake of a post about goofballs updating a digital sign with duct tape.

More than nine years and 4,000 (as of this one) posts, there’s still no end of goofy stuff going on.

All those posts since 2006 have followed an industry that has changed dramatically, and will continue to change. Along with the inexhaustible supply of goofy stuff, there’s a lot more great stuff out there these days – and not just in flagship/high profile installations.

Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 2.05.42 PM

Though content excellence is still surprisingly elusive, it’s out there when you look. I walked a client installation earlier this week and thought, they’re not quite doing it right, but it’s pretty darn good for a one-location promo network. I spent a couple of days with another client and saw the high-quality output from its creative team, and thought it was a bit of a shame the team’s industry profile was largely an industry secret.

So, lotsa stuff to make me crazy and entertain readers. But I’m excited about the pace of activity right now, and more and more of what I see myself, or read about.

DSE is going to be really, really interesting this year. You’re going to see Intel, for all its eye-blinking signage decisions through the years, show technology through partners that will make users think twice about Android and ARM. And you are going to see Google do a lot more than just show up – as in having product.

It’s been fun and still is. The thing I started as a foil to the meandering, buzz phrase-filled nonsense that was passing for “thought leadership” nine years ago has developed into a side business. Most of my ad spots are sold out right now and I don’t really do anything to “sell” the space.

Thanks for reading and a big thanks to companies like Capital Networks, CE labs, Rise Vision, BroadSign, ScreenFeed, Armodilo, Freshwater, DigiChief, Nanolumens, Chief and Digicall, who have all supported this effort. Same for the ones I’m forgetting.


  1. Jeremy Gavin says:

    Congratulations Dave! Quite impressive as well. I’ve been an avid reader of your blog since finding my way into the industry years ago – have become a sponsor because I believe your voice includes good judgment, a level of fairness and just about the right amount of humor!

    Here’s to another 4,000 posts! – Your friends at Screenfeed

  2. Jim Vair says:

    Congratulations Dave! The reality checks you’ve provided over the years I’m sure have helped us all move forward. Looking forward to many more posts to come.

  3. Michael Tutton says:

    Congratulations Dave that’s a lot of writing. We’ve always appreciated your unambiguous opinions. Thanks for all your efforts and for keeping us all honest.

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