New Zealand’s Wallflower DS Looking For Buyer

February 9, 2015 by Dave Haynes


New Zealand, from a distance, looks freakin’ amazing, so news that the country’s main digital signage solutions company is for sale gets the squeaky little wheels in my head turning.

If only I had investment and operating capital …

However … I don’t. But someone looking for a major change of scenery and a reason to relocate to the land of Hobbits and the haka can potentially buy the business and customer base of Wallflower Advanced Digital Signage Limited, located in Auckland.

Company executive John McLean sent me a note saying they were looking for a buyer.

“We are open to investment as an option,” says McLean, “however, our preferred option is to sell the whole business to a new owner.”

One of the owners, Tony Scott, would stick around in the waker of the sale while the new owner and management team got their legs under them.

The company’s own content management system and related IP would be part of the sale, as well as a customer base of some 300 clients.

I asked McLean what Wallflower’s pitch would be to suitors.

“Wallflower Advanced Digital Signage provides customers with  proven, easy to use software program that can power one screen or 1,000 screens, that can be operated in-house or from a remote location,” he says. “Our customers include IBM, HP, Vodafone and many other world-leading brands.”

Wallflower did not provide a sense of the number it was looking for in the sale. It also didn’t provide a sense of the reason behind the sale, though it might owe much to New Zealand having a smaller population than metro Boston.

If you have some interest, you shoudl be in touch with McLean by email, using

  1. Jim Roberts says:

    I was one of the customers. I switched to another platform because It’s an out of date signage software. Also doubtful about their claim of 300 clients.

    it would not be a good option to invest. total waste of money.

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