Bigger, Brighter, Almost Square LCD Panel To Debut At ISE

February 4, 2015 by Dave Haynes

Square display 4 (800x600)

UK-based specialty display firm Crystal Display Systems will be at ISE in Amsterdam next week with a 27.3 inch square-ish LCD panel that packs 1,000 cd (or nits) of brightness.

The puppies are backlit by high bright LEDs and have a resolution of 945 by 1080. The units aren’t, as you might tell by the resolution, exactly square. They have a screwball 8:9 aspect ratio. Using my highly advanced deduction skills, that would be a 16:9 display cut in half vertically.

Once somebody finishes with the crosscut saw they have an interesting shape to build into video wall mosaics or to sit independently in places where maybe the full height or width of standard displays ain’t gonna work.

No pricing supplied, but be assured it is not going to be half the price of a 55-inch high bright … as in it will be more. Same everything in behind, plus the cost of specialty guys that can but LCD glass.

Crystal suggests the displays fill a gap created by other companies End Of Lifing their own square panels. The ones I know about are Samsung and Planar, which both have or had 22s. I’m pretty sure I saw the 22 shown at Planar’s NRF booth, so maybe Sammy has stopped making their square???

The company also suggests this is part of a “range” of these types of displays.

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