JohnRyan Adds Portable Player Designed To Shrug At Hardware Type And OS, And Just Work

January 8, 2015 by Dave Haynes


The bank-centric digital signage solutions provider JohnRyan has released what it calls its Portable Player, a web-based media player application that’s touted as capable of driving digital signage media useable across all types of hardware and operating systems. 

The web-based player works with JohnRyan’s Quick Messenger digital signage content platform.

Web based players from signage CMS companies is not new, but the ones I have seen can get the general job done of playing out media, but don’t offer much on the way of feedback/management that’s available from the more traditional client app-based players that are out in the digital signage marketplace.

Joe Donovan, who runs product development out of the Minneapolis-based company’s new Silicon Valley R&D office, says the system makes it easy to see exactly what is playing and where. “It also allows for viewing what’s playing currently, or for any other time that content was or is scheduled to play. Along with that, it has really good integration with our monitoring tools. The extent to which our new player can interface with and control hardware depends on the specifics of the device it’s running on, but content/programming monitoring is fully supported on even the most basic HTML5 compatible devices.”

CMS Interface

In a news release, the company says the player has:

I met Donovan when he attended DSrupted. He’s an interesting hire for the company, having formerly been head of engineering for Yahoo News and Yahoo Weather.

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