Big-Ass Curved Screens Get Touchy

January 5, 2015 by Dave Haynes

FlatFrog is the First Company to Demonstrate 78" InGlass(TM) Curved High Resolution Multi-Touch Touchscreen

If you are still working out why you’d want a graceful curve to the screens in your digital signage install, you can add to the complication n0w by factoring in a rationale for multi-touch.

The Swedish firm FlatFrog Laboratories is demo’ing a 78″ ultra-high def, curved touchscreen display at CES this week.

The touch technology, says the news release, is bezel-free,with perfect transparency suitable for UHD touch displays that cannot be matched by existing capacitive or IR touch solutions. This solution is part of the 15-84″ high resolution multi-touch platform supported by FlatFrog.

“Our ability to support curved UHD interactive displays up to 84″ is a true differentiator for our customers, and demonstrates the broad capabilities of InGlass™ touch technology,” says FlatFrog CEO Dhwani Vyas. “In the second half of 2014, we have accelerated our multi-touch product offerings first to 65″, followed quickly by 84″ sizes and now with support for curved displays.”

I’ve seen curved touch displays used as slot machines, but I’m not sure how broad the application might be for this. FlatFrog suggests things like interactive whiteboards, hospitality and control rooms.

Immersive training, maybe?

Supplied pic looks like a mock-up, to me.

  1. Brandmover says:

    CES 2015 joke of the day: FlatFrog? invented big-ass “InGlassTM bezel-less multi-touch curved signage” said Dhwani Vyas, CEO of FlatFrog 😉 Dhwani, check Brand Touch Expose 2010 and ArtWall 2014 – World’s first 78″ curved glass totem.

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