Happy New Year!

December 31, 2014 by Dave Haynes


2014 was really good. 2015 is looking great, in terms of activity and interest.

Some years I have taken stabs at predictions or Best Of lists. Not this year. Too busy. Tired.

In broad strokes, just about anybody I know with viable businesses in this sector says things are happening. I know from personal experience that the calls and emails that come in get steadily more interesting these days, as in very large companies serious enough about doing something to seek out solid, paid advice.

If anything, I’d say simply that after SO many years of people predicting that the next year was going to be the breakout year for digital signage, 2014 was that year.


See you on the other side of amateur night. Our mayhem tonight will start and stop with a big red from Paarl.

Most of January appears to be airports and hotels, starting with Silicon Valley next week, New York the next, and so it goes again.


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