Ho Ho Ho

December 22, 2014 by Dave Haynes


Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Time Off!

Things will be quiet for a few days, as they are in general for the industry this week, and probably will be next, too. Thank you for all the story ideas, comments and direction this year. I am closing in on nine years and 4,000 posts.

Big thanks to the great ongoing support of advertisers like Capital Networks, ScreenFeed, CE labs, Rise Vision, Chief, Inlighten, Broadsign, Freshwater Digital Media Partners, Datacall, Nanolumens and Digichief. I’d still do this thing, but some money in the door helps pay the rising costs of managing a busy site, a little programming support here and there, and keeping on the straight and narrow with things like stock photos.

Here’s a slightly cheesy, JibJab-esque holiday video greeting, as whipped together in 10 minutes – for free – using Spotomate and a template from my Korean partners at Shakr.

2015 is already looking crazy-busy for me, and I think that is a reflection of momentum in general. For years, December would bring predictions that next year was going to be the big year, when things finally started happening.

I think 2014 was that year, and 2015 will be even busier.

This one’s a little more upmarket, and took about 5 minutes to produce and auto-render (both are free right now on Spotomate).

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