Two More Free Holiday Videos You Can Build Yourself

December 18, 2014 by Dave Haynes


My partners at Shakr in Seoul have generated a handful of free DIY video templates that can be used to create holiday season greetings for customers and visitors to businesses, using Spotomate.

All users need to do is get a few photos organized, drag them into the browser workspace, and fill in some text fields. They’ll have a gorgeous video in a matter of a few minutes. Both of these are free through Christmas Day, and a live action one done by Freshwater, is also available to use.

Magic Christmas

Build it on Spotomate

Warm Winter Wishes

Build it on Spotomate

Both of these new ones are done in Seoul, so the word and image selections in the templates are a little jumpy here and there. But I’ve added videos below each to show how they could be used by businesses.

Enjoy! And remember, there are now more than 60 templates on Spotomate that allow signage network operators and solutions providers to build great looking HD videos for $75 or less, without knowing sweet-tweet about After Effects.


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