Projects: Welsh Library Projection-Mapped For Christmas

December 17, 2014 by Dave Haynes


This is an eye-popping 10-minute projection-mapping show put together by London’s Projection Studio as a Christmas celebration in a main square of Barry, in Wales. It was bankrolled by the local council. If you stick to the end you’ll see it was a prequel to the turning on of the town Christmas lights.

Nicely done,and you can see a couple of things of technical interest:

1 – animation is limited in spots, which would have saved big both on budget and turnaround time;

2 – buildings with different tones are challenging – with the lighter stone making for a far better lighting canvas than the brick sections.

Best projection mapping canvas I’ve seen was the white marble walls of an Abu Dhabi mosque.


Hat tip to AV Magazine for pointing me to this:

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