Projects: PARCO’s Fukuoka Store Builds Screens Into Design

December 17, 2014 by Dave Haynes


PARCO is a Japanese department store group that is part retailer, part landlord – blending its own  store space with that of independent retailers.

The newest PARCO opened a few weeks ago in Fukuoka with 27 screens – providing shoppers with promotions, wayfinding and up to date information. That information is updated dynamically from external data sources via software from the Swedish firm DISE.

Not convinced about the escalator ones. Saw this in Seoul in a big Lotte department store and didn’t think it worked, as people have zero time to look and absorb a message.

  1. Great looking install — i wonder about the elevator displays as well, but do think the audience is captive. I believe digital positions are becoming more omnipresent so wouldn’t be shocked to see more and more installs that push the paradigm of were we expect to see displays.

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